Tennis/Pickleball Courts

The Tennis / Pickleball courts on Graves Mill Road are available for resident's enjoyment.  They are available on a  first come, first served basis.  Please respect others who may be waiting to use the court by limiting your playing time or alternating usage.

The combination number for the Tennis Court gate lock is available at the "Accessing Facilities" link. Please do not provide the combination to non residents.

Tennis/Pickleball Court Rules:
  • Courts are for Residents' use only - at least one Resident must be present and is responsible for their guest(s).
  • The Courts must be locked after use. The lock's clasp must be pushed down and the DIAL on the lock MUST BE TURNED to secure lock.
  • Do not share the lock combination with non-residents.
  • Courts are for tennis or pickleball only. NO SKATE BOARDING, ROLLER BLADING, ETC. ARE ALLOWED. No Alcoholic Beverages are allowed on or around the Courts.
  • When others are waiting, court use is limited to one and one half-hour from the time you begin. If courts begin simultaneously, the singles players leave before the doubles players.
  • Court shoes are required.
  • Use the pool parking lot for parking. Do NOT park on the shoulder of the road or in front of the basketball area.