Pool Rules

2024 Pool and Pavilion Policies
Approved 3/26/24

  1. The pool and pavilion are for the use of Residents, Swim team members, Non-resident members and their guests. Membership includes Forest Lakes property owners and paid non-resident members and the individuals listed as residing at the same address given on your pool membership application (Family, Couple, Individual and/or Swim Team Family and Individual Memberships).

  2. A pool access card is required for access to the pool and it must be used to open the gate so that electronic sign-in can be accomplished. This is to be with you and produced upon each entrance to the pool.  Pool Monitors will check membership and photo identification upon pool entrance throughout the summer.  Failure to comply will result in loss of pool access privileges.  Allowing access to a non-member may result in loss of access privileges to the pool. 

  3. New Forest Lakes’ residents will be issued one pool access card at no charge. Additional cards can be purchased for $15 each.  Special access privileges, such as early swimming, can be granted on a per card basis by prior arrangement. If FLPOA dues or assessments are past due, pool access privileges may be withheld.

  4. New non-resident pool Members will be issued one pool access card at no charge. Additional cards can be purchased for $15 each. Returning members can use their existing card(s). New or replacement cards can be issued and purchased for $15.00 each.

  5. Non-Resident Family Memberships are allowed up to TWO (2) guests at any time free of charge.  ALL GUESTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A MEMBER.  All members' requests for additional guests must be approved by the Pool Manager or by the Monitor on duty.  Approval will be at their discretion.  The high priority is avoiding overcrowding at the pool, especially during holidays, but other factors may also be considered for denial.  Individual Swim Team Pool Memberships have NO guest privileges, including other family members.  Individual Non-resident pool membership can have one guest.

  6. Monitors on duty are authorized to take any action deemed necessary, including removal of disruptive people from the premises. Respect their authority. Parents are expected at all times to accompany or monitor their children.  Lifeguards may be available for private pavilion rentals.

  7. Since no Lifeguards will be on duty (only monitors with no certification required) every member must sign a “USE OF FOREST LAKES POOL WITHOUT LIFEGUARDS WAIVER”. The waiver is needed to swim in order to use the pool this year. For your safety, please do not swim alone.

  8. Members 11 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult or an individual at least 16 years of age.

  9. Running, diving, performing flips, and rough play are NOT permitted in the pool area. The use of small floats, all types of balls (beach, tennis, footballs) and playing of games within the pool are only at the discretion of the Monitor. Water guns or any type of water shooter and large floats will not be allowed as they can be a safety hazard.

  10. No one is allowed in the pool with infectious diseases or open wounds.

  11. No one is permitted in the pool office, except with the permission of the Pool Manager.

  12. The phone is for employee and emergency purposes only.

  13. The following things are NOT allowed in the pool and pavilion area: glass containers, animals, sharp objects, radios or electric appliances, weapons, chewing gum, sidewalk chalk, skateboards, roller skates, fireworks, illegal substances, any hazardous item or material.

  14. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in or around the pool facility. If the pool/pavilion is reserved for use, alcoholic beverages may be consumed within the pavilion. No glass containers or kegs are allowed. Alcoholic beverages are never allowed outside the pavilion.

  15. The wading pool is intended for use of children age 4 and under who are accompanied into the wading pool area by an adult.

  16. All patrons must wear proper swimsuits in order to enter the pool. Articles of clothing are not suitable for swimming.

  17. Anyone requiring the use of diapers must wear swim diapers or stay out of the pool.

  18. Please be considerate of others and limit use of the lounge chairs to one (1) per person.

  19. Please keep chairs away from side of the pool, pool ladders, and the pool stairs to avoid injury while entering and exiting the pool.

  20. Please dispose of food and drinks properly and do not leave them unattended. When left unattended they will attract bees.

  21. Please use the outdoor shower to rinse off any sweat or dirt before entering the pool. Misuse may result in loss of pool access privileges. 

  22. Any group gathering for a party, scout meeting, church group meeting, etc. will require at least 48-hour notice to the Pool Deck Manager and use of the Pool/Pavilion Reservation form and payment. This is to ensure that an appropriate number of staff are on hand and that appropriate facilities are available. This policy applies to any combination of FLPOA residents, non-resident members and guests. Any gathering of 10 or more may be considered a group and will need to reserve the pavilion. If any group is disruptive, they may be asked to leave the pool area immediately. Discretion regarding disruptive behavior is up to the monitor on duty - please respect their authority.

  23. Loitering in the pool parking lot is not permitted. If the parking lot is full, please park on the grass along the side of Graves Mill Road.  The parking lot closes at 10:00pm.  Anyone entering or parking in the pool parking lot after that time will be considered trespassing and subject to arrest.

  24. Disorderly conduct in or around the pool facility, or any other FLPOA common area, may be dealt with by calling the Sheriff’s department.

  25. On duty staff have full discretion to close the Pool in the interest of health and safety.

  26. Due to COVID-19 or other concerns, the Forest Lakes Pool and Pavilion Policies may be updated without prior notice, at which time new procedures would supersede existing rules and regulations. See the FLPOA pool website for the most current guidelines.