Lakes / Boats

Swan Lake and Spring Lake are centerpieces of our community that all members may enjoy. 

Residents can fish from common areas on Swan Lake or Spring Lake. Bass, Catfish and Carp is catch & release, and only Panfish, Bluegill, and Sunfish may be taken or kept. A Virginia Fishing License is required for anyone aged 16 years or older. All guests must be with a resident at all times.

A Community boat is available for members use - see the link on the left under "Facilities" for  "Community Boat".

Boat racks are available near the Swan Lake dock for resident's who do not live on a lake.  All Owner's Boats must be registered and have FLPOA decals.  The registration form is available under the Documents and Forms menu item to the left.

Note that Virginia safety requlations must be followed for all watercraft.  This includes (see VA Watercraft Equipment Requirements ):

There must be one wearable (Type I, II, III, or V) USCG approved life jacket for each person on the boat. The life jacket must be the appropriate size for each intended wearer.

  • Each wearable life jacket needs to be “readily accessible” if not worn. Readily accessible means the life jackets are out in the open ready for wear or stowed where they can be easily reached. Readily accessible life jackets cannot be in protective coverings or under lock and key.
  • In addition, you should check each life jacket for proper fit. This is especially important for children. Check the Does Your Life Jacket Really Fit section.
  • Life jackets need to be worn according to the manufacturer label to meet safety requirements.
  • This requirement applies to all boats including paddlecraft (canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards).
A reminder: Please do not feed the Geese!! It is neither healthy for the Geese nor healthy for the environment. Feeding the geese encourages overpopulation, which creates a host of problems ranging from just being a nuisance to a serious health hazard, such as bacteria in the water and on adjacent lawns.