Pool Pavilion Reservations

The Forest Lakes Pool Pavilion can be reserved for your parties and special occasions.  You must be a Forest Lakes Resident.


How to reserve and pay for a Pool Pavilion reservation:
1.  You must be a member of the Forest Lakes Pool and have registered on and logged in to this site using the "register" (or "log in") link on the upper right of this page (if you don't see them, you are logged in).
2.  Read the Pavilion Terms and fill out the information below and click "Submit"
3.  Wait for a response from the Pool Manager confirming the reservation cost, date and time availability.
4.  Then, make sure you are logged in to this website and click on the Payment Link on left (or, click the little notification bell icon to the right of your name in the upper right) to select your online payment option and pay via credit card.

Pavilion Rental Terms and Conditions:

1. Use of the Pavilion requires an active Pool Membership. Parties are limited to no more than 50 people.  Please contact the Pool Manager (email: [email protected]) to make sure your desired date and times are available, and for reservation and payment information.

2. The pool will remain open to all members during normal pool operation hours.  Reservations may be made outside of normal hours at an additional cost.

3. The person signing this form is responsible for making sure the pool area is free of any trash or litter caused by their party before leaving. Violation of this rule may result in termination of membership and/or assessment of additional fees to cover cleanup or repair.

4.  All parties are subject to the Forest Lakes Pool and Pavilion Policy and to all State and Federal regulations and guidelines.

I/We have reviewed the above policies and agree to observe these and all other rules governing the use of the Forest Lakes Pool.

The applicant has read the Forest Lakes Pool and Pavilion Policy, and agrees to be bound by their provisions.

I/We hereby release the Forest Lakes Property Owners Association, officers, directors, committee members, and its agents and employees, from all actions, causes of action, damages, claims or demands which I, my family, my invitees, my heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns may have against Forest Lakes Property Owners Association, and other described parties for all personal injuries (known or unknown) which I, my family, and invitees may incur while using this facility.

Facility rental fees:

Fees will be determined after receiving the application.  The normal rates are:

During Open Swim Hours: 

1-10 guests - $50

10-20 guests - $100 (includes extra monitor during open hours)

After Hours: (Private Rental)

1-25 guests - $150 - includes two lifeguards (so they can rotate) 

25-75 guests - $200 - includes three lifeguards 

To Request a Reservation, fill out and submit the form below, confirm desired date/time with the Pool Manager, then make your payment per the instructions provided by the Pool Manager when your reservation is approved.