PIF Information

FLPOA Property Improvement Form (PIF) Information

Please review this information before beginning any activities involving maintenance, changes, modifications, alterations, etc. on the exterior of your property.

This listing below is provided to help determine whether or not a Property Improvement Form (PIF) is required to be submitted to the Association Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

Activities that DO NOT require a PIF :  Typically, maintenance work items where no real change is planned to the existing design, configuration, original color, physical size, etc. Examples are:

  1. Repairing/replacing deck pickets, railings, deck/dock boards and wooden steps with the same type or upgraded materials used for the initial design and construction with little or no change in color.
  2. Adding a fresh coat of paint on the house trim/doors/shutters, etc. with the same color or one shade lighter or darker and same type of paint.
  3. Replacing roof shingles with the same existing color and design.
  4. Upkeep on driveway such as cleaning it, repairing cracks with same color, material, sealing it (clear coat for concrete – black tar sealer for asphalt).
  5. Cleaning/pressure washing brick, siding, trim, decks, sidewalks, gutters/downspouts.
  6. Replacing gutters with the same original color, adding gutter guards as needed and replacing downspouts with same color.
  7. General repairs of brick mold, brick repointing, window trim, moldings, etc.
  8. Direct replacement of windows and doors (garage and entrance) of existing design and color.
  9. Adding portable patio/yard type heating devises such as grills, heaters, and fire pits.
  10. Garden rise bed (see ARC standards section 3.1.3.c.).
  11. Installing or replacing outdoor lighting fixtures (i.e., lamp post, flood lights, walkway, etc.).

Activities that DO require a PIF: Typically, where there is a change in the design, configuration, size, or color or where a new more permanent type of item is added to the property requiring ARC review and approval, refer to FLPOA Architectural Standards for stipulated regulations and Covenants 2.15. Some examples are:

  1. Adding or changing a deck, deck material such as trex, porch, shed, garage, playhouse, play set, solar panels, or any other structure not a part of the original plan.
  2. Adding a yard structure such as a walkway, patio, stationary fire pit, retaining wall, swimming pool, fencing, lakefront deck/dock, boat rack, or other items of similar nature not in the original, final plan.
  3. Replacing/changing colors of garage doors, entrance doors, windows or shutters when proposing changes from the original construction.
  4. Adding a swimming pool requiring a full plan describing the entire project design including size, footprint, gate access points, fencing, pool perimeter construction, equipment room layout, landscaping, drainage plan, etc.
  5. Changing a driveway configuration, material change, adding a parking pad, stampings, adding driveway coatings/painting not in the original construction.
  6. Repainting the house or trim, etc. a different color or painting over an original brick home.
  7. Replacing roof shingles with a different design/material or color.

If there are still questions regarding the PIF, it is best to submit a request or discuss the item with the ARC chair or member.

You can use the Contact Us page to send a question to the Architectural Review Committee.  Phone contact info is provided on the Committees Page.