Proxy Form for Annual Meeting

Designation of Proxy Holder for the FLPOA Annual Meeting on Oct 12, 2023

I understand that the Proxy Holder I designate is permitted to vote the way he or she sees fit for Board of Directors candidates and any other issues that come to a vote at the Annual Meeting.
I hereby authorize (fill in the Name below, or leave blank) who will be present at the Annual Meeting of the Forest Lakes Property Owners Association on Thursday, October 12, 2023,  to serve as my Proxy (if left blank, or if my designee cannot attend the meeting, then the Secretary of the Association).

Note: A Witness' signature (such as your spouse, neighbor, or a friend) is required per our Bylaws for a Proxy assignment.  Please ask your Witness to sign electronically by typing their name.

Remember to click on "Submit" button at the bottom of the form!